"What Hath God Wrought?"

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Spike da football, baby

You da big man and you just gotten da touchdown, is time to spike dat football good.

Aw yeh. All dis people is screamin 4 u. They wan that football hittin da groun and a comin back up ril quick.

Dass good. Now do da dance b4 u spiken dat football

Das good. If u want you can spiken dat football in da house wit ur friends

U can be da boat man and spiken da football on ur football chair.

And da crowd go like.

Yes please.

Dis is a good try to spiken da football


Now the crowd go like

Come on, baby you got it.

Das a money tiger $$$$$. One more time.

We love da money tiger $$$$$

Gimme some more o'dat $$ tiger

I love you, money tiger.

Money tiger wins the game!

Show me how you spike da football $$ tiger


Goodbye, $$ tiger

Now spike da mic

Nothing can stop you from da spike.

I am thankful for you da spiken and da $$ tiger.