Magnet Theater Podcast

"Warm-blooded baby of sex, WILL JACOBS, drops by to talk about his foray into playwrighting, being malleable on stage, and how to provide balance on a team. A comedy quadruple-threat, Will can be seen performing on Magnet shows like Musical Megawatt, Megawatt, and The Friday Night Sh*ow; in schools all over the city with the Story Pirates; on the internet with Cake I.D.; and oh yeah, he's also a playwright. There's a lot packed into this one, so let's just dive in!"

Hopelessly Excited!

'Will Jacobs is an egg master. For your benefit and mine, he takes us through his one-of-a-kind omelette-making process step-by-step. Along the way, we talk about life, and how it's a lot like making an omelette. This is one of my all-time favorite episodes." Colin Gossel